There Might be a Spiritual Reason Why the Lockdown Exists.

my photo from a few years ago, old lady looking at the sunset.

My response to all of the people who think the virus bans and lockdowns are excessive and not needed; that we all should just go back to “living”, right now, today!

— -especially if these people are also Christians!

[I know of at least three or four Christians who are anti-virus lockdown believers. My response is to and for these people and all others who are not Christians].

Sometimes There are Reasons why disasters happen, reasons that are far beyond our human vision, to see, to understand. I have, here, *a* reason why Spirit might be permitting this virus to lock down the entire world!

[you all can treat this article as only a Belief of mine, or maybe treat my article as a good story. the personal accounts, though, really happened!]

God is Permitting this virus and the lockdowns. Maybe He is even Programming, Himself, this! Yes, one has to ask: why is the Lord doing this to us? Permitting everything of life to stop. God has His Reasons, reasons that we, as human beings on earth, cannot see. Often His reasons for doing things involve hundreds of years of time, a time-space far beyond a normal person’s seeing.

I have an idea as to why! I consider my childhood friend who lived next door. He had a back condition so bad that doctors warned him to never ever fall down as he could break his back. He had a large farm. He was “wedded” to this farm and it took his entire life to manage it. No time to think, relax, ponder, or even enjoy life. One day he fell off of his tractor and he broke his neck! He was now in a veteran’s Home paralyzed from his neck down. *now* “Thinking” is all that he could do! The Lord got him away from his farm so that he could think. Why? He died one year later. His sister wrote to me that in the last month or so he accepted Jesus as his savior. Yes, as the Bible says, that each of us has our Time to die, this friend’s time was a year after the accident, so that the Lord gave my friend a gift, a gift of one year away from his all-consuming farm, so that he could think, then pray, then get ready to die and to enter heaven!

So. For all that I know, the Lord could be planning the rapture a year from now, or at least the Harvest. Maybe the harvesting mechanism might be an asteroid 15 miles in diameter, or maybe the Yellowstone supervolcano blowing up. He wants to Save as many souls as possible. Thus he indeed might be giving us all a year To Get Ready! To get us all off of our “farms’ for a year!

[a year. Less than like 23 months. Like the length of that “day” Jesus was preaching in hell down below after he died on the cross, 5 pm Friday to 6 am Sunday. 37 hours = one day.]

So if the rapture harvest is coming in 12 to 23 months, just how could the Lord get everyone to *stop* their lives and to begin to *think*, ponder, feel, pray, about their lives, the meaning of life, their own deaths and to realize that buying more and more “stuff” is a dead end. How could He get the entire world’s population to do this “living in a monk’s cell in a monastery” one year process?

Simple! The Virus! The Lockdowns!

So people. *please* use this one year wisely. Face your mortality and your meaning of life and to Understand death and the afterlife and then where you are going with your life at the present time and should you change your life direction. If you now develop a personal relationship with Jesus, in this time of lockdown, you will be very prepared for your afterlife of Eternity. In other words, begin to develop a Spiritual life, at this time. Think about your soul and just how so much of the materialism of today does not really satisfy you. Think about you soul with its relationship with God.

One year. My mother had a vision ten years before *her* death, telling her that she would be killed in a car crash in ten years. Her husband, the vision told her, will live until he is 72 years old. Well….ten years later she was killed. Her sudden death drove my father insane. He wrote my sister that he never wanted to ever see me again! A month after he became 72, he went into hospital intensive care and he told his sister that he wanted to see me now. I drove the 1200 miles to see him and we had a wonderful reunion. He forgave me, forgave himself. I lived with his sister for a year, seeing him often in the Home. He died one year later on Christmas day! God, see, gave to him a Gift of one year so that he could make amends with his son and he died on the day of the Gift to mankind!

One year. The year before my mother was killed in that car crash, she broke her foot. She owned a professional cat kennel of 100 cats and she could not care for them now. So I lived with her for nearly a year, taking care of her cats and going to shows with her. I had one year with Mother, only years later did I learn of her dream!

One year. I had a similar experience with my sister too! I had a wonderful year with her. In that year it became obvious that she had now the Lord in her heart.

Thus, people, there are Models here for my “one year of humanity to get ready” idea! Use your one year wisely! I have no Idea as to what might happen, though, at the end of that year, up to like February of 2022. [march 2020: the lockdowns begin in earnest.] could be anything from Rapture to asteroid to ????. *got* to get each of us, now, to be “off of being wedded to our “farms”!! To have a year to *think*!





A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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Freestone Wilson

Freestone Wilson

A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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