My Very Strange Journey to Mind

My own photo. A street in Tallahassee, Florida, the Deep South.

Yes, I now have seen, within the last few months, that I was traveling on a long, many months, journey of self-discovery to develop a “storytelling mind” with feelings synthesis, within me.

I was born in Upstate New York, in the finger lakes area, next to Cornell University, at Ithaca. I was, however, a Country Boy. A very intelligent country-raised kid. I think nowadays, the school social worker might could have labeled me as having a mild case of Asperger's autism. my native deep feeling nature was overlaid by my psychological-disturbed childhood and also by the Northern mindset, the mindset of…



Like: The average temperature of Ithaca, year around is 45 degrees. Ithaca gets 60 inches of snow a year. Ithaca gets 35 inches of rain a year. The elevation of Ithaca is 400 feet above sea level.

— -I went to Walmart and bought a hammer for $5.98, two jars of jam for $8.67, a stirring spoon for $1.99, and a spatula for $3.45.

— -giving directions; “you drive along Mahan drive for 1.3 miles, then turn left at maple road and drive for .8 miles, then turn right onto country road #245 and continue to house number 567, and there I live”.

“Facts”, are the mental equivalent of “Objects” in the outer world.

My childhood yard of grass, of feelings, was paved over by the pavement of our cultural literal ways of thinking. Data without feelings.

I had Trouble, there, in the North. I was born with a deep and powerful feeling nature. I failed college in my junior year. I think in images, not words, also. The scientific data mind, in my college years, became more and more disconnected from my feeling soul as the college years went by.

I went to college at Florida State University, here in Tallahassee. I then failed out and then essentially lived here in Tallahassee, on and off, for 60 years.

The South! Years of living in the South. Three years, at least, in the Johnson City area of east Tennessee, also. More South, Appalachian South. In Johnson city, I was really struck by how everyone seemed to tell stories about everything. Even a trip to Walmart was told as a story.

The South. I soon was able to understand the accents and most of the culture.

A very feeling culture, the South. “mind” is not so well developed, though.

I soon began to grow in Spirit, after my college years. Today, one might call me a “mystic” or a developed “psychic”. I have had many dreams of the afterlife, and have had numerous spiritual experiences. I sort of have “outgrown” my Aspergers Autism.

In 2014, I went to a long rehab nursing home for seven years, and in the last year, I had a mild case of COVID. A couple of months later, I had a VERY strange dream experience. In short, I was standing in a room that represented the Room where I prepared my life to come, just before I was born in 1941. I talked with people there, some about my present life. However, there was one *very* strange happening! I was talking with a very thick southern accent! I then woke up. I was shocked! I do not sound like this at all in waking life even as I have lived in the South for 60 years. Oh, a few vowels might have softened and I might could have said “y’all” a few times, but that was it.

What was going on?!

I got up and then went for breakfast and I then talked with the nurses and other residents. Weird; my own voice sounded strange. Every word I said, with my normal northern accent, was pronounced “wrong”!

Something was not right!

Furthermore, every southern accent that I heard, from then on, sounded “normal” and often some of these southerners did not have an accent. Oh, they *did* all right, but I did not notice it. However… from then on *every* non-south accent that I heard sounded to me to sound harsh and very noticeable!

By the time several weeks had passed by, the Angels and Guides told me what was going on. A Personal shocker! I never *ever* heard of this happening with anyone: a near-instant accent change!. I have read, that it takes two or more years to dream in a language that one is learning. Why did I speak with a thick Southern Accent in my dream?! zero to 100 MPH, in one second! I was shown by Spirit what they, the angels and guides, did to my brain. The matrix of my basic subconscious language area, in my brain, was altered! Just like that: overnight! The upper levels of the language area were still untouched such that I still “had” my original childhood accent, but the layer underneath was now of a southern accent!

I was TOLD, by Spirit that this was done so that I could better handle overcoming childhood neurotic patterns of thought. From now on, if I dreamed a spirit-level dream, I spoke with that thick accent but if I dreamed a mere “brain processing” dream, I spoke with my childhood accent.

I never heard of this being done to anyone! I have heard northern men speak, here, who were 80 years old and had NO southern accent at all. Some had lived in the South for 60 some years. Anyway, I soon noticed over the coming weeks and months, my spoken accent began to change! I also noted that this accent only changed IF I were focused and aware but if I were responding “neurotically”, I would still have my childhood accent.

[a neat Spirit-given “trick” to get me to outgrow childhood psychological thought patterns!]

I was then Told that I was now a Southerner! Period. Not like, “you have lived here now for ten years, you are now a southerner”, but as IF I were born and raised here in the South.



Now… The next stage of this Spiritual progression of Spiritual development has now appeared to me. I already have deep feelings and emotions. Like a southerner. But some southern people lack the “mind” development. I was shown that since now that I am a southerner, I need to develop my Mind!

This mind, though, is not the urban North’s “data” thoughts. This mind would be, for me, the “storyteller” mind, the spiritual higher mind.

[this “going back to mind” is not going back to childhood mental expressions, though. This mind development would be of developing a “higher” mental expression.]

Jesus spoke in parables. I should also develop this Jesus technique much better in my own speech. I would use analogies and metaphors as well. Use illustrations and image-orientated thoughts also.

[used to drive Northern urban men buggers when I spoke this way! “Get to the point, man”! “Oh, we have a philosopher in our midst”! “Do not use analogies for everything that you say, say your words directly and literally”!]

*now*, if I were to tell someone about my trip to Walmart, I might could tell her, “I went to Walmart yesterday and in the isles, I saw Bill, and we talked about hardware and hammers. He suggested a hammer for me and I put it into my cart. I went to the grocery section and I saw that my favorite jam was now in stock so I bought two jars. The supermarket area reminded me of a kitchen where a lady has six kids and she has just finished cooking supper and oh the messy kitchen! I talked with the checkout cashier for a while [I was the only person in line] about her job and her relatives who also worked in stores.

What a sneaky spiritual way to have me develop further my old soul storytelling talents!

The Summery is: feelings are like coffee. One must have a cup to contain coffee. You cannot drink coffee without a cup of mind. But that there are levels of feelings and mind. Low-level feelings tend to be “emotions” whereas high-level feelings are transcendent spiritual in nature. A low-level mind is just a list of data. A higher mind is more spiritual. “abstract mind, though, is often disconnected to any “ground”! I have seen college professors walk with their arms hanging by their sides like limp, cooked, noodles! They were completely out of touch with their bodies!

I feel that the True way to think and to feel is to have every level of both synthesized and working together. I use the word “reckon” now, instead of the word “think”. “reckon” sounds to me more in touch with the earth, the Ground!

Our American education system not only does not teach how to develop feelings, but it also does not instruct us how to express these feelings using mental ideas! Even if someone has a strong feeling, often this person cannot express this feeling to other people or even to oneself!

[Say, if you see the sun rising over the fog-shrouded mountains, can you communicate this feeling that you have, the feeling that you felt when you saw this sunrise, to other people?! Maybe only a storyteller can do this. Otherwise, you could end up remaining silent or else just describe the temperature of the morning air and the color of the sun!]

[edit for additions] I was recently Told by Intuition that there is a reverse effect with this accent. I would become the feelings for other people who cannot feel very well. My coffee for their empty cup. BUT! I have to be now very careful as if I “attach” my feelings to their data topic, they probably will absorb my feelings as being their own feelings. I would then thus strongly color their ideas within themselves.

“I played tennis all afternoon, today, and I won three games out of four”.

my possible response number one: “Hooray! You sounded like you really love to play this wonderful game, I played it in college back in the 60s. I loved tennis.”

My possible response number two: “You played hard and probably all tired out, at your 70 years of age. Better slow down and take up reading”!

…Number one was an encouragement, and number two was a putdown. Each feeling-loaded response could be permanently “stuck” to his idea of Tennis! From now on, he might could really look forwards to playing this wonderful game. Or, if I said number two, he might now have bad feelings about this game, at his age, after all, he has lost three friends to heart attacks at ages 61 to 68!

[yes I know, this article might be pushing a 15-minute read, but this here article is VERY important to me, in my journey of life. My road now is lined with Live Oaks, magnolias, and Spanish moss.]

One year into this Change and still I notice really quick the Urban northern accents. They beat me over my ears like of the spikes in a meat tenderizer hammer hitting the meat!




A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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Freestone Wilson

Freestone Wilson

A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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