Imagine That You Are Living In a City Equivalent to Living In Heaven.

This is why I removed some of my photos in my articles.

Imagine for a minute that you have died and then you appear into a city in Heaven. You see, off in the distance, buildings that have that “Greek-Roman” classical look. There is beauty everywhere. You can feel the love in the air. There are parks, gardens, ponds, and many plazas. You then meet with people who are caring, helpful, and kind.

Then, suddenly, you wake up! This experience was only a dream. You then sit down, later, at the breakfast table, and then you begin to think. Wouldn’t be wonderful if this place, with the wonderful residents, could be here on earth today! Someone could build this city, complete with the parks and buildings.

Then you recall some of the spiritual teachings that you have read over the last few months. They show you that for people to be able to live there, they each have to be in harmony with this city! They have to have within them, the Goodness, Love, and Truth, the very same Goodness, Love, and Truth that saturates this city. Their “inside” must be the same as their “outside”!

[here on earth, a rowdy party crasher tries to crash a high-level social party and then he gets thrown out!]

Oh *Dear* she cries, “a Perfect city requires nearly perfect people”!!

There is no hope, she thinks.

In a way, she is right. We, who would then move to this city, would bring our own lower vibrations into this city and then bring this city “down” to our present natures.

Oh, but there *is* hope!

A stick has two ends. This heavenly city would tend to “pull up” the vibrations of those recent arrivals to heaven. Soon these people will remove some of their “earth dirt”, of minor sins, in the healing temples. Now each end of this stick will be the same. One end is in the arrived person, the other end is in the city.

So here, now, if a person, right where they are today, can change their inner altitudes to a more positive way of thinking, loving, and doing, the outer world will appear to be changing to fit their changes! Not only will the drab earth city, if enough people change, become cleaner and more pretty as many people begin to work for change, even if this city does not, at first, change, people will begin to notice what is good, about this city, beauty that is already there but not noticed, now noticed because beauty has been now developed inside these people.

Change one’s inside and the outer changes too.]

I base this idea upon the writings of a research psychologist who specialized in Neurotic clients. He found that many of them had terrible, unreadable, handwriting. He had some of them attend a handwriting class. Months passed, and yes, their handwriting improved greatly. He made, then, an astounding discovery! Their neurotic symptoms got much better! There was no counseling done by him, though. All the psychological improvements were accomplished merely by them improving their handwriting.


In fact, if I knew an attention deficit adult person and if I also knew that he had a very messy, chaotic, apartment with papers strewn all about the living room, I would suggest to him he spends a day cleaning up the mess and to organize everything. His ability to think clearly might improve, then, greatly!

You can change the world by first changing your self!

You can rewrite, even, your own personal history, by changing your present attitudes.

Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be. Say “yes” to creativity and intelligence. Value other people’s lives.

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Freestone Wilson

Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be. Say “yes” to creativity and intelligence. Value other people’s lives.