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Storytelling! I am a Storyteller by nature. I come by this way as I think in metaphors and analogies. Jesus might call this method “parables”. I keep discovering, you all, that most listeners tend to think in literal examples. “Facts, *please*”, they tell me!

No! “Facts” are but leaves on a tree. Each leaf is a fact. Very few sense the twigs and branches that connect each leaf to another leaf.

Our human race is a huge tree and all of the ideas in the collective consciousness are linked together. Linked together through the collective unconsciousness.

Take for example the Invasion of the Capital on January 6th. I see a cat in heat, out in the yard and there are maybe ten tomcats trying to impregnate her. Only one will win out! Now…just *what* does this cat idea have to do with the capital invasion, you all might could ask!


I have linked the two examples together through a kind of analogy story. See, this group of people was trying to enter the building to overthrow the current administration in order to place their own ideas onto the Chair of Power. There are also probably hundreds of groups of people who also would like to do this but they do not have the numbers or the warrior mentality to do so. The environmentalists would *love* to get someone elected who is one with their beliefs. The vegans, the Fundamentalists, the 352 groups who interpret the Constitution in 352 ways, and who knows who else, they are “tomcats” trying to Get In!

Seeing life as unconnected “leaves” doth not make for Understanding. Little wonder there are so many diverse opinions on politics these days! Each leaf of that tree IS different from each other and the only unifying factor is those twigs and branches.

Seven blind men touch the elephant in seven different places and one man says an elephant is a rough skin. Another person says an elephant is a long tube with two holes at the smaller end. Yet another says that an elephant is a big foot. Each person is 100% correct and they will correctly argue their point. They, however, cannot sense the Greater Elephant. I have great trouble, people, talking with anyone who senses only one reality, in, say, politics. The problem is…they are utterly correct in their belief. NO! Not “belief”, they are utterly correct in their Knowing! “Constitution interpretation number 89 IS the one true way”.



Do not argue.

If we all cannot see this “elephant” of our political problems, someday a Strong Man might could appear and he could bully his way into the inner chamber and win the cat-in-heat intercourse! Society cannot function in a vacuum with 300+ million leaves and precious few branches! One man could cut the Gordian Knot with one stroke.

Called an “authoritarian Dictatorship”!

Originally published at https://freestone.blogspot.com.




A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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Freestone Wilson

Freestone Wilson

A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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