I Appreciate the Little Things.

Photo by Lauren Forando on Unsplash

The little things in life. Often they come and go, unseen, unappreciated.

Here is an example. I enjoyed the summers at my parent's cottage on Cayuga lake. I must have been about 12 years old and by now I was taught to fish by my grandfather. I would row out to about a 15-foot depth, drop anchor, and then use worms to try to catch fish and most of these fish were small panfish. I *really* want to catch a smallmouth bass.

One evening I was out on the beach and I saw a man row out from his dock at the cottage next door and he too dropped an anchor to fish. Was not long before I saw him catch a smallmouth bass. Then another bass! How did he do this?

The next day I walked over and met him and you know what; he told me to come over about 7 pm and he would show me how to catch bass. So he did. It was that he used large real earthworms and to hook them in a certain way.

Years later I thought back on this evening or so, as he took me out several times. He and his family only rented the cottage for two weeks, the same time every year. His time was limited and here he took time to show a boy how to fish for the larger smallmouth bass. He did not have to do this, he could even have just told me how, on the shore, in the afternoon.

I do not think many people realize that when they do something for a child, this event might stick with the child for life and make a life-long impression on the child. This holds for adults too, for what you might do for another person.

The example, above, is just one example of how important a small little experience can loom large for you. For good or for bad.

My sister rode with me and my parents to drive me to the 1960 University dorm. She liked the lush green campus. She was a year behind me in high school, that early winter it was time for her to choose a college to attend. She wanted to become a social worker. One afternoon she visited a friend’s house and both of them went to her friend’s bedroom to listen to a newly purchased album. As the music played, my sister *happened* to notice a Florida State University catalog sitting on the bed. [this catalog was for the University that I had just entered.]

She noted that they offered social work as a major. Next year she came to school there. All because of one happenstance seeing of their catalog sitting on the bed.

[Ms. Suanna Wilson, deceased: she wrote “Confidentiality In Social Work”, and “Principals of Interviewing”! If your career is social work, you may have read one of these two books. All because of just one catalog sitting on a bed!]

A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Learn from others. Think out of the Box.

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