Cycles Infer We Could Be Doomed Unless We Change!

by Erika Fletcher from

The Cycles of Doom, can we escape?!

I have read where several writers have written about the major cycles of war and unrest within the United States and the world.

A radical theory says major crises remake America every 80 years

A theory of history says America is in the grips of a crisis called “The Fourth Turning” that will change it forever.

One writer writes about an 80-year cycle. He says that the United States has had a major conflict or issue that nearly destroyed the country, every 80 or so years, more or less.

Civil war 1860–1864, nearly tore the country in two.

World war II 1940–1945, Not only could Germany have conquered this country but also the German Bund had a very strong presence here to try to turn America to support Nazi Germany.

??? 2020–2025. This time is *now*!

Also, another writer sees the 27-year cycle to have the same effect. Every third 27-year cycle is Important and he writes how the cycle is actually a bit “short” like 26.6 years. And, yes, the major points, where it is life or death for America, begins 1860, 1941, and 2020/21.

During the last 80 year cycle, I have sensed that every single major country was “fascistic”! We gave our lives and goods to the State and the individual came last, here in this country. We melted down our jewelry for guns and worked dawn to dusk in defense industries.

So here we are today. Almost every single major country is again having a Nationalistic leader. We have our Trump. I actually think that if it were not for trump, *another* similar character would have risen to the occasion to be a president who is almost a dictator.

For, It Is Time.

It IS time.


Just because a train stops before you at the station, this does not mean that you should get onto it! You are not destined to get on it, only that the train is there at such-and-such time.

I suppose if this Train is gotten onto, history could flow this way: Trump never really concedes. Eventually, he sort of does concede. He will have a Plan by then though! He will fire then appoint his own people into high government positions. He will then become a shadow president, maybe even to have an office complex and a media company with a TV station. Thus he will become a power behind the throne and much of our government will be under his influences. Like, he never left office in the white house! he will then be the *real* president, with 70+ million supporters behind him!

Eventually, world war III will happen, without, or with, nuclear missiles.

Do we all have to take this route, this train?! NO! Each of these 80-year cycle points, the writers write, is a test point for America. Why many issues behind the Civil War have yet to be resolved! It is high time we solved these issues of this cycle and of the 1941 cycle, and the Time is NOW! If we do not, then this Clock ticks onwards to the final stage. Might as well say “END TIMES”!!

Can we all change this?! Change this outcome? I hope so. Remove a trump from power? A small beginning though. What is needed is to change the minds of most of his followers and voters! They are the people that support him. If the people do not change, they might just vote for another such powerful leader, if there is time for this.

In a sense, then, these powerful leaders are just “puppets” to a cycle. This holds for the voters too. It is Time for division and war. If Divisiveness and war-mind rule, then we all will get those Doom results! Thus if each of us has little of this “divisiveness” and anger within us, through spiritual growth, Understanding, and goodness, there is little negativity in our hearts and minds for this Cycle to touch! The Cycle might then pass by!




A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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Freestone Wilson

Freestone Wilson

A Psychic Empath with feet on the ground. Life from a Spiritual perspective. Become what your True Self wants you to be.

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